2011 Camp season has come to a close. We are anticipating a wintertime expedition to camp. We will see how that goes and report about it here.    2011 was a turning point year for camp, with the postponement of the registration fee. The complete reliance on God to provide our needs at camp through donations from folks like you. Thanks to all who make this camp possible and always Praise God for all his many blessings. Camp was a huge success with children coming from villages up to 150 miles away. We had more children attending than in  previous  years. Double or possibly triple from the 2010 camp. The local economic downturn in our areas had made it to where $50 was a lot of money to come up with for a lot of families.   Teen boys camp came and went with Pastor Jim Eaches accompanied by Tom Johnson providing the message and direction for this group. All had a wonderful time with beautiful weather, excellent fishing, and good times for all. The 8-10 yr olds camp followed closely by the 11-13 yr olds came and went with lots of children, excitement, good fishing and just plain fun.  Joe Greeson and his wife Holly joined us, and Joe provided the message at the camps. . Holly lead the crafting which was also tied into the same topic. We were also joined by Pastors Jim Eaches, Pastor Cleve Mugford, and Pastor Craig Norwood. Donna Mugford provided the music with the assistance of  Joe, Tom J, and Curtis Phillips with teaching rythym. It was my pleasure to watch them teaching these young children basic guitar. I also deeply appreciate Curtis attending, it is always a pleasure to have a village elder in attendance. Joe's Bagpipes again echoed down the lake to the tune of Amazing Grace, with a twist this year he also threw in a march where all the children marched around camp. The agenda also had the kids learning the proper knots for tying fishing lures on and how to cast accompanied by swimming, zip line, canoeing and water rescue with life preservers. Following these camps was to come to the teen girls camp. Which unfortunately had to be cancelled this year.     A big thank you to all who make these camps possible and always we praise God for all his many blessings. 

~Tom Carew

I praise God and thank all the people who assisted this year.