The 2012 camp season has come to a close. We are happy to report that God met all our needs again this year. We were blessed by the help and support of Child Evangelism Fellowship for both camps.

The 11 to 13-year-old camp was June 26-29th. We had five very enthusiastic campers. The emphasis was on teaching the kids to be evangelists in their own communities. The kids seemed to grasp the training and enjoyed themselves a lot.

The 8 to 10-year old camp was July 10-13th. Six campers attended that week. We did a CEF 5-day club. One highlight of the week was on the last day. Our riverboat ran out of fuel in the middle of the lake. The campers had to work together to tie canoes to the boat and tow it back to shore.

In both camps there was lots of swimming, canoeing, fishing and silly fun. Plus there was serious Bible study, music and worship daily.

Next year, we plan to begin promoting camp earlier in hopes that we have more kids attend. But, no matter how many or how few kids we have, our purpose remains strong: To teach kids more about the love of Jesus Christ and his forgiveness and to help them exhibit that in their own lives.

~Cleve Mugford

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